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Life at United Shore: 2017 Highlights

Dec 29, 2017

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In the past 12 months, United Shore hired over 900 people and created countless memorable experiences for its team members. When you make a concerted effort to be a top workplace and be a comfortable home-away-from-home for top local talent, a lot of cool stuff sure can happen over the course of a calendar year.

Here is a look back at 10 of United Shore’s top experiences of 2017:

  1. Announcing the big move
    United Shore broke the news at its company rally in June that it would be moving its 2,300+ team members to a new headquarters in 2018. The company will take its operations to what had previously been the Hewlett-Packard Enterprise in Pontiac, utilizing the building’s 600,000 square feet and 60-acre campus – and incorporating a ton of impressive bells and whistles – to establish the premier office venue in the state of Michigan. United Shore’s new headquarters will feature: full-length indoor basketball court, large fitness center with full-size locker rooms, Starbucks with indoor/outdoor café, massage rooms and full-time massage therapist, outdoor volleyball court, indoor/outdoor putting greens, full-service food court, game room, escape room, primary care doctor’s office, and more.

  2. Shinola watches for everybody!
    Some leaders give their team members a pat on the back when they achieve a company goal. United Shore President/CEO Mat Ishbia upped the ante a bit, buying $750 Shinola watches for every team member as a special “thank you” for everyone’s hard work. The surprise gift was originally announced at the company’s 2016 holiday party – which also featured a live performance by Nelly.

  3. Big changes for team and community
    United Shore is clearly a fan of making popular announcements at its holiday parties, as Ishbia again alerted his team to big pending changes in 2018. This time, the news is big for team members and the community, as United Shore will be increasing its minimum wage rate for entry level positions to $15/hour for team members with over two years at the company, and will be committing roughly 10,000 hours to community service throughout Metro Detroit next year (with each team member getting 4 dedicated service PTO hours to help a cause of their preference).

  4. Memorable trips
    It’s one thing to use up your own money and PTO hours to go on fun trips. It’s another to have your company foot the bill and encourage you to enjoy some unexpected time out of the office. United Shore does that for its team members by holding special raffles sporadically throughout the year. Whether it’s a day trip to Cedar Point, a shopping spree at Somerset Collection, or the company’s biggest annual prize – 25 team members winning a trip for two on a 4-day cruise to the Bahamas – there are plenty of chances for people to score awesome trips that others simply dream of.

  5. Making a charitable difference
    United Shore donated more than $150,000 in the last year to over 30 Metro Detroit non-profits strengthen the Metro Detroit community – and 100 percent of the decisions were made by the company’s team members, not leadership, as part of its Pay-It-Forward program. Additionally, throughout the year, United Shore wrapped and delivered more than 500 gifts to 72 families sponsored through its Adopt-A-Family initiative, stuffed and donated over 500 backpacks to school children, delivered 40 baskets to the Whaley Children’s Center for Easter, and donated over 700 items to the Dress for Success Organization.

  6. Living the dream
    Every company wants to not only attract top talent, but retain it as well. It takes something special to keep people coming back year after year, and United Shore delivers that “special” with its 10 Days to Live A Dream program. When team members reach their 10th anniversary with the company, they are given 10 additional (consecutive) PTO days plus $2,500 to live any dream they want. In 2017, 15 United Shore team members lived various dreams, which involved fun trips to places like Disney World, Las Vegas and Hawaii, or simply carrying out house remodeling projects.

  7. Family fun also benefits community
    Do you wish your family could be incorporated more into your work life? United Shore pulls out the stops with its annual company fair. The company treats all of its team members (and their families) to an evening of unlimited rides and free food, drinks and games. It’s not just a good night for the fair attendees, either, as local businesses enjoy the economic impact of thousands of dollars being injected into downtown Birmingham businesses by more than 5,000 people checking out bars, restaurants and shops that wouldn’t have been there otherwise.

  8. Treating the kids
    The company fair isn’t the only time that United Shore aims to integrate families into team members’ work lives. Every Halloween, team members decorate the entire building and host a trick-or-treating event for children and families. Over 1,000 children decked out in costumes and walked the floors at United Shore, collecting a plethora of candy and treats.

  9. Celebrity guests
    Ever think you see a celebrity or famous person at your office, but it’s really just a doppelganger? Well, at United Shore, you very well may be seeing the real person. In 2017, United Shore had NBA legend Isiah Thomas deliver a surprise guest speech at its company rally in June. There were also visits made by ESPN personalities John Buccigross and Seth Greenberg, and NFL wide receiver Devin Funchess. Oh, and Flo Rida performed live at the company’s holiday party.

  10. Food truck rally
    United Shore team members enjoyed a special cook-out lunch that saw 10 different food vendors on campus in food trucks offering a variety of food options. This event raised over $1,200 for Share a Smile and The Brown Bag Movement, two local charities. In addition to food, there was also a dunk tank on campus, and team members had the ability to put select company leaders under water.

If you’re looking for a fresh start in 2018 and want to live the fun life of a United Shore team member, visit our Careers page to browse opportunities.