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United Shore Among 4 Companies Named to 'Circle of Excellence' by Detroit Free Press

Nov 04, 2017

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The Detroit Free Press Top Workplace Circle of Excellence — what is often called the overachievers among overachievers — added four new names to the class this year. These are companies that are highly ranked by their employees year after year. United Shore is one of them.

From the article, United Shore team members say they love their jobs because:

  • "We are honestly spoiled here and I couldn't ask for a better company to work for."

  • "There is a huge potential to make great income here. I love the fact that I work for a premier lender and I am learning new things daily. Management actually seems to care."

  • "We take care of each other, we are positive, we are kind, we are happy. It's nice to come into a workplace everyday knowing that you can work hard but have a little fun at the same time."